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October Treat


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This piece of silk was dyed using only one color of dye.  Yes one color.  Though two colors are visible.  What happened you ask?  Well to get technical some molecules of dye are larger than others.  When the fabric is bound (a method of resist) as this piece of silk was some of the dye is prevented from passing through while other areas are able to take up the dye at different rates.  The result is a variegated color.  You can see some parts of this section are darker while some areas don’t seem to have any dye at all.  The color change that occurred here is just where some of  the dye molecules were able to penetrate – a pathway of least resistance. The results were interesting and surprising.

But apart from all the techno mumbo jumbo I just like the way this particular piece turned out.  Love that scary ghoul that appeared – see the bottom left hand side of the picture.

This piece is part of a private collection.

Dyed silk - detail


The Tangled Web


When dyeing items with long fringe – you should know one thing.  I think I will just show you rather than try to describe it! Fortunately I have been able to untangle this with little difficulty – however one must be patient and wait for it to dry.   Then be patient some more so that you can untangle it – a time-consuming effort.  It is much more difficult to unravel this when wet.   I would venture to say though that it would have been smarter to have prevented this prior to dyeing.   I’m quite sure that there is a way and I will find out what it is!

Hints:  To begin with DON’T get tangled up in the first place.  Secondly: wait until dry.  Third: start to untangle from the bottom of the fringe up.  Then gently pull EACH strand – if you meet resistance go to another strand.  They will untangle with a bit of time and patience.

So take this as friendly advice – think about the fringe when dyeing- don’t stir the pot too much! lol

Silk Pillow Wooly Stripes


This is a raw silk covered pillow dyed a springy chartreuse green accented with bulky variegated wool.  I needle punched the wool in place just enough to see the fibers come out on the reverse side.  Then I hand stitched some gold embroidery floss in a braided fashion to secure it even further.  I did not want detract from  the colors of the wool and am pleased that the embroidery floss has accented and given another texture to the look.  The raw silk also know as silk noil is a very flexible nubby textured silk.  Silk takes so well to dye sometimes with surprising results.  The result here was exactly what I was looking for – so there was no surprise.