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“Some Onions Don’t Make You Cry” print


Utilized here is simply an onion about four inches high, sliced in half and dipped into fabric paint.  The piece is narrow and long.  The onion design covers the entire piece.  The fabric was originally dyed in boiling water with the onion skin thrown in – giving it a warm back ground and onion scent which has largely diminished.  Dried in the dryer and ironed with a hot iron to set the color, I then began to stamp the design.  When it was dry I over stamped some of the “onions” with a gold fiber paint, just to enhance the a bit.  After wards I sat a wrote all over the entire piece by hand “Some onions don’t make you cry”,  in English, French and Italian.   This is a set of three, one in each language.Each piece was then stitched to a stabilizer and backed.  There is copper beading here and there on each piece as well.   The edges are satin stitched all around.

Here are some pics before the pieces were completed, just so that you can see the printed  areas clearly.