Favorite things that I find enjoyable are reading, baking/cooking, dyeing fabrics, sewing, watching a good movie, listening to good music.  Not really too different from many other people – we seem to be more alike than we are different

Everyday I try to get some sewing time in (even if it’s just for ten or fifteen minutes, you can get a lot done in short bursts of time,  it all adds up). Quilts are my main focus, but I have been known to sew other items.

My attempts to get to my studio are a little more difficult – but I manage to get there to do some dyeing-  something I love doing.  It is always interesting to see the results of the dyeing process, sometimes you aim for one thing and get an entirely different outcome.   I enjoy the surprise!

On this blog my main focus will be on fabrics, mainly silk and cotton, that I have dyed.  Although, you may see other fabrics featured, such as the “Irish Linen” tablecloth that I found at a flea market, made by an anonymous embroiderer.

Most of my experience with fabrics has come from experimenting on my own and you can see the results here.


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