Indigo Rings


Indigo Rings

This is an older piece that was made a few years ago.  It’s always good to go through your stash once in a while – you find things that you had forgotten about.  But anyhow this piece was hand stitched and dyed by me.  I used button thread and dipped it several times into the indigo vat to achieve a deep blue color.  It is one hundred percent cotton.   As with all hand-made things there is always a surprise that makes itself known afterwards – I did not get the overall blue that I was hoping for, but never fear you can always make lemonade out of lemons to quench your thirst!



About stitchedanddyed

Traveling a great deal as a child I have now settled in New England and it is home. When I started my blog it was mostly so that I could see my fiber works in one place and not have to go through storage containers looking for them! It helps to keep me on track and turn those UFO's into finished pieces - so far it is working. I love gathering with my family, we always have fun, usually around a meal and we laugh a lot. I love fabrics, gardening, music, reading, cooking, traveling and love being home, as well as all sorts of other things.

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